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   Therefore, Christian men, be sure wealth or rank possessing Ye who now will bless the poor shall yourselves find blessing"



"...contains scenes that will stick with me for a long time." 


Robert Fulford - The Toronto Star


Nominated for the Donald Brittain Gemini Award


There is an army in the city's mean streets. Its foe is poverty and human misery. Salvation is about front-line workers serving the needy under the umbrella of the Salvation Army, offering a glimpse into the hearts and minds of people on both sides of the street. Shot in downtown Toronto at Christmastime, this moving documentary chronicles the small hopes and tiny victories of life lived in the shadows of destitution in the inner city.


Written and Directed by: Rosemary House

Producer: Kent Martin

Editor: Angela Baker

Cinematography: Nigel Markham

Production Manager: Mary Sexton

Music: Paul Steffler, Vicky Hynes

Sound: John Martin


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