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The National Film Board has been producing films for over seventy five years. You will find a virtual cornucopia of documentaries, animation and information here.



Windhorse Farm is one of my favorite places on the planet – a working model for a sustainable future.



This site includes the work of the brilliant photographer Michael Wood, the developer and teacher of the view of Miksang Contemplative Photography.



The site of film Producer and Writer Lloyd Salomone, which includes links to many other filmmakers.



Kent Nason and Teresa MacInnes are a brave hearted filmmaking team.

link coming soon



Nance Ackerman is one of Canada’s outstanding photo-journalists and an award winning filmmaker.



Connie Littlefield is a filmmaker who is fearless in her approach to

controversial issues.



Lesley Ann Patten is an award winning filmmaker amazingly skillful in her storytelling combinations of words, images and great music.


Elizabeth Klinck is a producer, editorial and visual researcher, and

clearance specialist on numerous award-winning documentary and interactive

projects that have garnered Emmy, Gemini, CSA, Peabody and Academy awards.


Fernwood Publications and its literary imprint, Roseway, publish critical books that inform, enlighten and challenge.. They believe that in publishing books that challenge the status quo and imagine new ways forward. They participate in the creation of a more socially just world. My friends Errol Sharpe and Bev Rach are the publishers.

John Walker Productions  John Walker is one of Canada’s most prolific and respected documentary filmmakers. His films have been widely broadcast and have appeared at major international film festivals in Toronto, Vancouver, New York, Los Angeles, Berlin, London and Tokyo. From the Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television, he has received 19 nominations and awards, including the coveted Donald Brittain Award for best social/political documentary,




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