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Four Feet Up


" I have worked with people living in poverty for several years and your presentation was the most insightful and respectful I have ever witnessed -- thank you for the brilliant gift of your film"


- Kelly O'Neil

8-year-old Isaiah is trying hard to grow up healthy, smart and well adjusted despite the odds stacked against him. Isaiah knows he’s been categorized as “less fortunate,” and his short life has seen more than his share of social workers, food banks and police interventions. His parents struggle to overcome a legacy of stereotypes, abuse and dysfunction and desire more than anything for Isaiah and his siblings to have access to the opportunities they never had. In Four Feet Up, award-winning photographer and filmmaker Nance Ackerman invites us into the lives of this determined family for an intimate and touching experience of child poverty in one of the richest countries in the world.


Directed by: Nance Ackerman

Producer: Annette Clarke

Editor: Roslyn Power, Nance Ackerman

Cinematography: Christopher Ball

Music: Jamie Alexander Alcorn, Nance Ackerman

Executive Producer: Kent Martin


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