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   Meeting Marilyn Waring on film will forever change your perception of justice, economics, and the worth of your own works. Watch this film."  - GLORIA STEINEM




    I give this film (and Ms. 

Waring, course) every superlative...riveting, revealing, inspiring etc. It penetrates to the heart of the global, ecological, and social crisis that afflicts the world."



Nominated for a Genie Award - Best Documentary


Hot Docs Film Festival


Melbourne Film Festival



In this film directed by Academy Award Winner Terre Nash, Marilyn Waring demystifies the language of economics by defining it as a value system in which all goods and activities are related only to their monetary value and monetary exchange, with the result that unpaid work, usually done by women, is unrecognized and activities that may be environmentally and socially hazardous are regarded as productive. She maps out an alternative economic vision based on the idea of time as the one thing we all have to exchange. Shot in Canada, New Zealand, New York City, the Persian Gulf and the Philippines this film is an entertaining primer for anyone who suffers from what Waring calls "economics anxiety."


Directed by: Terre Nash

Producer: Kent Martin

Editor: Terre Nash

Cinematography: Susan Trow

Assistant Camera: Nash Read

Sound: Diane Carrièrre


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