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Narrated by the legendary storyteller and filmmaker Alanis Obamsawin



- Yorkton Film Festival 


- Chicago International  Children’s Film Festival


- Atlantic Film Festival


- The Smithsonian's National Museum of the American Indian in New York City.



Waseteg is the story of a young Mi’kmaq girl whose name means “the light from the dawn.” Sadly, her mother dies while giving birth and, though her father works very hard to provide for his family, Waseteg is surrounded by the bitterness and loneliness felt by her sisters.

As a young girl, Waseteg looks for solace in nature, and dreams of the stories she’s heard in the village – including one about Walqwan, the mysterious boy living across the river. Eventually, with the gentle care of the boy's grandmother, Waseteg succeeds in finding Walqwan, discovering the Spirit Path, and restoring love to her family. A short story about dreams, courage, identity, creation and embracing our Elders, Waseteg showcases Phyllis Grant's signature style of bold lines, bright colours and simple movements. 


Directed and Animated by: Phyllis Grant

Producer: Annette Clarke

Narration: Alanis Obomsawin

Sound Design and Music : Norman Roger, Pierre Yves Drapeau

Executive Producer: Kent Martin


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