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The Sacred Sundance


   A film of exceptional power and beauty."



Under a sweltering July sky, participants in the sacred Sundance ceremony go four days without food or water. On the last day they will pierce the flesh of their chests in an offering to ease the suffering of others.


The Sundance is a ritual long misunderstood, and once banned - but one that is now helping to bring personal and community healing to East Coast Aboriginal communities. First Nations director, Brian J. Francis journeys into the traditions of North American Aboriginal spirituality. The Sundance itself cannot be filmed, but through the preparations for the ceremony, and through the words of its participants, we are left with a deep understanding of its healing power.


Directed by: Brian Francis

Producer: Kent Martin

Editor: Rohan Fernando

Cinematography: Nigel Markham

Music: David R. Maracle, Ronaldo Richard, Hubert Francis

Sound: Alex Salter

On Line Editor: Steve Cook


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