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The Petticoat Expeditions


- The stories of three remarkable women who were left out of the history books. 


The Petticoat Expeditions recounts the captivating stories of three British women whose pioneering spirits led them to travel in 19th-century Canada. Author Anna Jameson, painter Frances Hopkins, and social activist Lady Ishbel Aberdeen chronicled their journey from perspectives as unique as the women themselves. Using dramatization, breathtaking cinematography and their own words, photos, and works of art, this film paints an inspiring portrait of these extraordinary women who would not be constrained by the conventions of their times.


Directed and Written by: Pepita Ferrari

Narrated  by: Helena Bonham-Carter

Editor: Denise Beaudoin

Music: Judith Gruber-Stitzer

Cinematography: Savas Kalogeras

Producer: Kent Martin




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