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A Scattering of Stars


. . . Norman stands out for his spirited eclecticism”


Billboard Magazine


 " . . .a flute player of spectacular & imaginative virtuosity"


The New Yorker


“. . . he is in a class by himself for the agility, the expressiveness, the subtlety of dynamics and phrasing that he generates . . .".


The Washington Post










 Chris Norman is among the true masters. A virtuoso of the flute whether he is playing traditional Irish, Scottish, Cape Breton, French Canadian, Appalachian tunes or classical baroque compositions by Vivaldi or Bach, he has thrilled audiences across the Western World.


The CD Review said of him, “a musician like Chris Norman comes along, oh, perhaps once in a century. He's the kind of player whose virtuosity serves the music without becoming the performance itself, whose exceptional technique not only is of the

he's so good he makes it sound easy variety, but also frees the music to reel out as if it, the instrument, and the player were one communicative entity. Chris Norman has worked on over twenty recordings, either solo or as a member of an ensemble. He contributed some of the haunting music to Academy Award winning soundtrack for the Hollywood blockbuster Titanic.


But Chris Norman is more than a performer on stage and in concert halls. He is a gifted teacher conducting Master Classes in Canada, the USA, Italy and New Zealand. He is also the founder and guiding force of the annual Boxwood Festivals in Lunenburg, Williamsburg, Virginia and in New Zealand. Boxwood will be celebrating its twentieth anniversary in 2015. Chris is a generous collaborator with and promotor of other musicians and a musicologist who has a deep knowledge of the history of his chosen instrument and its role in society, in myth, religion and the origins of the human creation of music itself. He is one of the people who has helped create a revival and respect for celtic roots music in this century. He is also an accomplished flute maker in himself.


This feature documentary film incorporates concert performances and all the elements of Chris Norman’s life, his personal history and development as a musician, his craftsmanship as the maker of flutes and his work as a teacher and as the inspiration and founder of the Boxwood Festival and Workshops.

Music by

Chris Norman  David Greenberg

Magnus Holmström   Yann Falquet

Alison MacGillivray   Nick Halley

Rodney Garnett   Francis Colpron 

Mary Jane Lamond   Wendy MacIsaac

Maeve Gilchrist   Nic Gareiss

Produced by:

Unceasing Play Productions

A Film by Kent Martin


Ethan Neville

Katy Hopkins

Kent Martin

Music Recording and Mixing:

John.D.S. Adams

Watch Film:

Watch Trailer:

A Scattering of Stars

Premiere Screening of Film

FIN - Atlantic Film Festival

Broadcast on PBS - April 2019




















A Feature Length Music Documentary


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