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The Fairy Faith


Nominated for Best Documentary Genie Award


Atlantic Film Festival



A fairy couple tries to steal a man's shadow. Another takes a man's wife. And yet another, claims a retired police chief, braided a horse's mane! "The little people." You can shrug them off as superstition, but what explains their perennial appeal? As a boy, filmmaker John Walker learned the difference between a fairy tale and the fairy faith from his grandmother, who told him that if your heart is open, the fairies and their fabled world can be seen in the landscape. In search of this ancient belief, Walker travels to the moors of England, the Highlands of Scotland and sacred sites in Ireland and Cape Breton. He meets a storyteller who saves an ancient fairy thorn bush from town developers, a painter who conjures up their magical features, and a Mi'kmaq elder who gives advice on how to understand the mysterious lot.


Directed by: John Walker

Producer: Kent Martin, John Walker

Editor: Angela Baker

Cinematography: Nigel Markham, John Walker

Sound: Alex Salter

John Walker Productions and the National Film Board


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