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The Strangest Dream


   This is an imperative history for all to know and understand in this highly unstable political time on this nuclear- laced planet."



Winner of a Gemini Award


Screenings at the European Parliament and the United Nations in New York


When the U.S. government brought the world's greatest scientists together to build the first atomic bomb, nuclear physicist Joseph Rotblat was among them. But his conscience would not allow him to continue, and he became the only member of the Manhattan Project to leave on moral grounds. Branded a traitor and spy, Rotblat went from designing atomic bombs to researching the medical uses of radiation. Together with Bertrand Russell he helped create the modern peace movement, and eventually won the Nobel Peace Prize.


The Strangest Dream tells the story of Joseph Rotblat, the history of nuclear weapons, and the efforts of the Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs - an international movement Rotblat co-founded - to halt nuclear proliferation.


Directed by: Eric Bednarski

Producer and Sound: Kent Martin

Editor: Angela Baker

Cinematography: Nigel Markham

Written by: Barry Cowling and Eric Bednarski

Research: Eric Benarski and Elizabeth Klinck

Unit Administrator: John Lutz

Narration: Michael Jones


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