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    When human beings lose their connection to nature, to heaven and earth, the they do not know how to nurture their environment or how to rule their world. . . Human beings destroy their own ecology at the same time that they destroy one another. From that perspective, healing our society goes hand in hand with healing our personal, elemental connection with the phenomenal world."


– Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche










What comes up when spiritual practice meets with the great issue of our times, the stewardship of our earth? Through this beautiful portrait of Windhorse Farm in Nova Scotia, the oldest working example of sustainable forestry in Canada, you will see both the joy and heartbreak of living in a spirit of inter-dependence with all life and perhaps learn something of how to heal our connection with the phenomenal world.


Windhorse Farm is in the heart of the Acadian Forest, one of six endangered forests in North America. Settled by the Conrad Wentzell family in 1840 on the LaHave River, it has been a diversified family farm for over 170 years. Over two decades ago, Jim and Margaret Drescher purchased the farm vowing to maintain the same standards of stewardship which the Wentzell family had practiced for almost two centuries. The film profiles Jim and Margaret Drescher and their work but also includes a new generation of young foresters and farmers who are taking the issues of environmental degradation and the spectre of an apocalyptic future to heart, seeking ways to make the concept of sustainability a reality.


Premiere Screening at the Atlantic Film Festival

Sunday, September 14 2014



A Film by Kent Martin


Produced by:

Unceasing Play Productions with the support of the

Nova Scotia Arts Council

Music by:

Chris Norman, David Greenberg, Asif Illyas, Steve Mustain, Jeff Torbert

David R. Maracle, Doug Young


Watch Film:



DVD Available for Sale from Windhorse Farm, Drala Gift Shop (Halifax)

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