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One Man's Paradise



" One Man’s Paradise

is the most satisfying, optimistic and entertaining film

I’ve seen in years."

  – Farley Mowat













Meet Lewellyn James Henneberry: fisherman, yodeller, home-spun philosopher and creator of a very strange museum full of gaping shark jaws, nautical paraphernalia, model ships, and glittering, embalmed fish that might be taxidermy and might be art. Lewie has lived all his life in the fishing village of Sambro, Nova Scotia.


The unlikely patriarch of a multi-million-dollar fishing dynasty, he's a man who tackles it all--fair weather or foul--with compassion, pragmatism, infectious humour and a healthy sense of life's absurdities. One Man's Paradise mixes sea-going adventure, humour and great humanity to tell the story of this extraordinary 'ordinary' man who has spent most of his life hunting the largest fish in the sea: halibut, tuna, swordfish and shark. The North Atlantic Ocean is harsh and unforgiving--not most peoples' idea of paradise. But seen through Lewie's eyes, it becomes a magical place where we catch a glimpse of what makes life worth living ... not just for him, but for all of us.


Directed, Photographed, Written and Edited by: John Brett

Produced by: Kent Martin, John Brett

Music: Steven Naylor

Sound Recording: Allan Scarth




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