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Milton Acorn:

In Love and Anger


A portrait of the great late poet Milton Acorn by his friend, Kent Martin.


Awards for Editing

and Direction


Milton Acorn left Prince Edward Island in the late 1940s to earn his living as an itinerant carpenter, and wound up in Toronto as one of Canada's most highly regarded poets and one of its most outrageous literary figures. Dubbed "The People's Poet" by fellow poets, he won the Governor General's Literary Award in 1975. Burned out by personal crises, Acorn moved back to Charlottetown in 1981. This film brings out Acorn's wit, love of nature, unorthodox political views, and sometimes infuriating personal contradictions.


I tell you there are men on Earth who usually tell the truth 

I know because I am one of them,

And know I’m not unique.


- Milton Acorn




Directed by: Kent Martin

Producer: Barry Cowling

Editor: Kent Martin

Cinematography: Kent Nason

Music: Steve Tittle

Sound: Arthur McKay

Executive Producer: Rex Tasker



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