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Men of the Deeps


- Gemini Award for Best Sound, Best Photography, Best Performing Arts Documentary


- Award of Excellence for Documentary Cinematography, Canadian Society of Cinematographers


-Award for Excellence in Sound Design, Honorable Mention - Atlantic Film Festival


- Audience Choice Award for

20 Years of Hot Docs


Men of the Deeps is a moving portrait of a group of former Cape Breton miners gathered together by their love of song. They are all members of the Men of the Deeps chorus, whose performances of traditional and contemporary songs evoke their working lives as miners.


Many of the men began working in the mines as teenagers. We see them, coal dust filling the grooves on their faces, working side by side in a black pit where death can come at any time. Yet it's a job to which most of the miners would return without a moment's hesitation.


Featuring 16 outstanding songs, Men of the Deeps captures the grace and dignity of a group of men whose livelihood has been lost but who use their voices to inspire

and uplift.



Written and Directed by: John Walker

Producer: Kent Martin, Terry Greenlaw, John Walker

Editor: Hannele Halm

Cinematography: John Walker

Music: Men of the Deeps Chorus under the direction of Jack O’Donnell

Sound: Alex Salter

John Walker Productions, Picture Plant and the National Film Board of Canada


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