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   There are certainly bigger, more commercial films on the roster for Montreal's World Film Festival but there's unlikely to be any as important as Griefwalker". - THE GLOBE AND MAIL


- Montreal World Film Festival

- Atlantic Film Festival



In his daytime job as leader of a palliative care counseling team at Toronto's Mount Sinai Hospital, Stephen Jenkinson has been at the death bed of well over a thousand people. What he sees over and over, he says, is "a wretched anxiety and an existential terror" even when there is no pain. Jenkinson, a Harvard Divinity graduate, social worker, sculptor, author, blues musician and storyteller, has now made it his life's mission to change the way we die - to turn the act of dying from denial and resistance into a natural part of life.


Directed and Written by: Tim Wilson

Producer: Annette Clarke

Editor: Hannele Halm

Cinematography: Tim Wilson

Music: Nance Ackerman, Jamie Alexander Alcorn

Executive Producer: Kent Martin


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