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Faces of the Hand




- Selected for HOT DOCS


- Golden Apple Award    Oakland,California




There is nothing more intriguing than what is hidden behind the obvious. The human hand is a miracle which we completely take for granted. The work of our hands, in their eloquence, silence, restlessness, creativity and violence, have made human history and continue to shape the present and future. Faces of the Hand takes you on a visual journey through different cultures and range of human experiences and shows the many faces of our hands; working, communicating, creating art and music, expressing our sensuality, used as weapons for defence or aggression, and as instruments for healing and worship. This film is both poetry and anthropology, science and art, sacred and profane; an odyssey from cave art thirty millennia ago to robot hands controlled by computers.


Directed and Written by: Tamas Wormser

Producer: Kent Martin

Editor: Denise Beaudoin

Cinematography: Kent Nason

Executive Producer: Don Haig


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