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The Kitchen Goddess


Featuring the Physics:


Debra Berrigan

Edna Aker

Olive Porter

Sherry Lynne Grace

Donna Schnare

Terry Murphy

Evelyn Hare


- Atlantic Film Festival

The Kitchen Goddess

In the chaos of the post-modern world we still need the village psychic. Throughout the Maritime provinces of eastern Canada, neighbourhood fortune-tellers and village wise-women are alive and well, and their practices have survived intact. These women often work at the kitchen table--and today, they're more sought-after than ever. They're seemingly average people who don't put on airs and affectations, but who go about doing some rather extraordinary things with very little fuss. Using herbal preparations, spells, astrology, or tools as simple as tea leaves and tap water, they look into the past, present and future -- and offer tips on coping with what life throws our way. It's a fascinating tradition--and director Donna Davies has been immersed in it since childhood. Join her in The Kitchen Goddess as she takes you on a personal visit into the worlds of seven Maritime psychics. 1999 | 53 min


Directed and Written by: Donna Davies

Producer: Kent Martin

Editor: Angela Baker

Cinematography: John Hopkins


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