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By Woman's Hand

The Montreal World Film Festival

Hot Docs

Best Arts Documentary Program

Gemini Awards


In 1920, a group of young Montreal women artists formed the nucleus of what would later become known as the Beaver Hall Hill Group. Together, they created an artistic environment of mutual support that lasted for more than three decades. By Woman's Hand explores this unique group through the eyes of Prudence Heward, Sarah Robertson and Anne Savage, its three most prominent members.  This production was trailblazer at the time, rectifying an almost total lack of films about Canadian women artists or for that matter women's history in general.



Directed by: Pepita Ferrari 

Produced by: Kent Martin, Pepita Ferrari, Merit Jensen-Carr

Editor: Denise Beaudoin

Writer: Erna Buffie

Cinematography: Savas Kalogeras

Music: Judith Gruber-Stitzer

Narration: Kate Nelligan

Executive Producer: Don Haig



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