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  A lovely and deeply affecting movie...

– The Coast / Minds Wide Open


Everyone needs community. A place where they can connect with others and their own intelligence and goodness. Connections in Halifax is such a place for men and women recovering from mental illness. A two story building on one of the seaport’s main streets, the centre is run by both staff and members. Connections is a place to seek counselling, get help with employment and housing, to work in the kitchen, pitch in with cleaning, work at your art, or simply hang out - have a coffee or lunch, chat with friends, read the newspaper, or surf the internet.


In this film we see the inspiring portraits of eight members of Connections, their personal journeys, their triumphs and set backs, the corrosive effects of stigma, and see how people can recover from mental illness and make a vital contribution to their communities and to each other. You may just see something of yourself in their stories.


Directed and Photographed by:

Kent Martin with Chris Bourque, Shelley Harvill and Nancy Beck

Produced by:

Unceasing Play Productions

48 minutes HD Video














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