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Canada Remembers


   A splendid piece of filmmaking." - 




A three part Series of hour long films about Canadians and the Second World War


Part 1 - Turning the Tide

Turning the Tide takes us from the outbreak of war in September 1939 to June 1944, when the allied armies landed in Normandy to fight the Germans in history's largest seaborne invasion.


Part 2 - The Liberators

The Liberators accompanies Canadian soldiers from their D-Day landings on the shores of Normandy, up along the coast of northern France and into Belgium and Holland.


Part 3 - Endings and Beginnings

In Endings and Beginnings, veterans recount their memories of that epochal conflict, in combination with outstanding footage filmed by army cameramen at the front. VE-Day - victory in Europe - on May 8, 1945, saw the exuberant celebrations in Canadian cities, but there was still the war in the Far East to be won.


Directed by: Terence Mccartney-Filgate

Producer: Kent Martin

Editor: Markham Cook

Written by: William Whitehead and Kent Martin

Research and Location Manager: Elizabeth Klinck

Music: Neil Smolar

Narration: R.H. Thompson

Executive Producer: Don Haig



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